PicoDrop - 2l Spectrophotometry

The Pico200 spectrophotometer is a big advance in the way that DNA, RNA and protein samples are analysed. This instrument uses a patented design that enables 2l samples to simply be pipetted using the unique UVpette tips and analysed directly in the tip in the Pico200 spectrophotometer in just 3 seconds. This system requires no cuvette, no capillary and there is no expelling of the sample into the equipment eliminating the risk of cross contamination and carry-over and enabling 100% sample recovery. This instrument is ideal for DNA, RNA and protein analysis.

Benefits of using the Pico200
? Only 2l of sample required
? 100% sample recovery
? No cross-contamination
? No cuvette or capillary required
? No cleaning necessary
? Unique disposable pipette tip
? 3 second read time
? Wide wavelength range - 220 - 950nm
? Interchangeable sample holders
? Low maintenance cost - no moving parts
? Low running cost - no regular recalibration

UVpette Tips Technology
The disposable UVpette tips are made of a polymer that is effectively invisible to the spectrophotometer's working range of wavelengths. When combined with the Pico200's unique optical lens configuration, this unique design enables samples to be analysed without ever leaving the pipette tip.

PicoDrop Software
The Pico200 contains built-in software and a large, 12cm LCD graphical screen. Through a user friendly and intuitive user interface, researchers can simply and easily switch between protocols for nucleic acids, proteins and microarrays. The system then automatically calculates all the values required including concentration, purity ratios and dye concentrations for the chosen protocol.

Running, Cleaning & Maintenance
As the Pico200 analyses the sample while in the pipette tip, unlike other systems it does not suffer from proteinaceous build up and does not require repeated cleaning of the detection surface. The Pico200 does not require maintenance contracts or regular time consuming physical re-calibration.

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