Biotrader, Inc have corporate office in Seoul and operate from this Korea’s Capital. We are a well established company in the business of marketing of products related to the entire field of Biotechnology as well as products required by other Research Labs. We have our well organized dealers located all over Korea. We have numerous fully satisfied customers which include top pharma companies of Korea, reputed private and government/semi-government organizations/ research centers as well as universities involved in the research and development related to life sciences. We enter into annual Rate Contracts with almost every important research institute of Korea, which invite Rate Contracts for purchasing their research and development needs related to Life Sciences on Rate Contract basis.

We represent reputed international companies, which are emerging world leaders providing top quality products at competitive prices. Further we have our associate in USA.
With the shinning and making rapid progress in the area of technology advancement, biotechnology has extremely bright future in Korea. We are well on the way to become a leader in this field having tremendous potential.

Our technical staff maintains regular visits to the prospective customers and dealers to provide the best service. We promote our products with complete dedication; mainly through personal contacts with the assistance of our trained marketing and sales executives with the aim to provide total customer satisfaction. We are known for our excellent service which both our customers and principals acknowledge.

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Primary Antibodies · Flow Cytometry · Custom Antibody Service · Secondary Antibodies & Isotype Controls cDNA Clones · Cloning · Gene Delivery · Gene Regulation · Purification · PCR Tools · Quantitation & Detection
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ELISAs & Enzyme Activity Assays · Cellular Assays · Drug Screening · Fluorescent Probes · Compounds Cell Death · Viability and Proliferation · Cellular Stress · Cell Signalling · Epigenetics · Inflammation
Cells & Tissues Proteins & Peptides
Cell Lines · Human Tissue · Primary Cells · Stem Cells Peptides · Protein Labelling & Detection · Proteins
Health & Disease Instruments & Equipment
Cancer · Endocrinology · Haematology · Infection & Immunity · Metabolism · Neuroscience · Vascular Disease
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