cDNA Clones

The availability of high quality, reasonably priced, expression-ready cDNA clones has greatly simplified the process of studying individual and groups of genes and their protein products. Cambridge Bioscience offers access to the Worlds largest commercial collection of full-length human cDNA clones in a variety of formats.
33,000 human and 5,000 mouse full length cDNA TrueClones, isolated from cDNA libraries.
25,000 human and 20,000 mouse expression-ready TrueORF clones, provided in a shuttling vector, offering a huge range of different epitope tag options.
1000s of 3 UTR clones for miRNA target validation.
To locate the right clone to suit your needs just search this site by gene name or keyword, or alternatively use our Clone Connector service.
If you need a very unusual clone our Custom Gene Synthesis service can deliver even the very largest projects.

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